Course details

  • Study time: 4-6h

  • Target audience: Bachelor/Master students/Industry/academia representatives in the field of (Bio)chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Overall welcome by Siegfried Vlaeminck

    • Meet the teachers

    • Learning objectives

    • Getting to know each other

    • Become familiar with the learning platform

  • 2

    An introduction to wastewater

    • What do we use water for?

    • Introduction to resource recovery from wastewater

    • Exercise: How much water do we use?

    • Exercise: Where does the fresh water go?

    • Discussion exercise

    • Test your knowledge: 2 extra questions to add !!!!!!!!!!

  • 3

    History of water

    • Why do you think water treatment is necessary?

    • The history of water and wastewater

    • Exercise: 5 phases of the evolution of water and wastewater services

    • Name the reasons for the invention of water treatment

    • Deepen your knowledge on common waterborne diseases

    • Deepen your knowledge on treatment technologies

    • TODO: Test your knowledge - Lotte sends a third question

  • 4


    • Formulate 3 keywords you associate with sustainability

    • What is sustainability?

    • Exercise: weak versus strong sustainability

    • Deepen your knowledge - Weak versus strong sustainability

    • Test your knowledge

  • 5


    • Thanks to our sponsors

    • What did you learn?


Principal research fellow

Marc Spiller

University of Antwerp Department of Bioscience Engineering

PhD candidate

Lotte Van Peteghem

Ghent University Department of Molecular Biotechnology


Siegfried Vlaeminck

Siegfried Vlaeminck , University of Antwerp, head of the Microbial Cleantech and Environmental Systems Analyses Team, as part of the Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology Research Group.