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  • Study time: 4h

  • Target audience: Bachelor/Master students/Industry/academia representatives in the field of (Bio)chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Video

    • Meet the teacher

    • Learning objectives

    • What do you want to learn?

    • Present yourself to your classmates

    • Become familiar with the learning platform

  • 2

    Enzyme introduction

    • Before really kicking off...

    • Definition of enzyme

    • The structure of enzymes

    • Enzymatic Activities and units

    • Notes of enzymatic kinetics: Vmax and Km

    • Inhibition of enzymes

    • Nomenclature and classification of enzymes

    • Enzymes such as industrial biocatalysts

    • Sources available for the extraction of enzymes

    • Exercise 1 - Principles of Enzymatic production

    • Exercise 2 - Principles of Enzymatic production

    • Discussion question

    • First example of enzymes applications where the theory is applied to practise - Chymosin: an important biocatalyst for the dairy industry

    • Second example of enzymes applications where the theory is applied to practise - Taq Polymerase: a crucial enzyme for molecular biology

    • Test your knowledge

  • 3

    Sources for enzymes production

    • Several origins for the starting material

    • Heterologous expression: a strategic approach

    • Microorganisms: a winning choice for the industry

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    • What did you learn?

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Research Director

Roberto Verga

Research Director at BiCT - Biological and Chemical Technologies