Course details

  • Study time: 4h

  • Target audience: Bachelor/Master students/Industry/academia representatives in the field of (Bio)chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnolo

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome video

    • Meet the teachers

    • Learning objectives

    • Getting to know each other

    • Become familiar with the learning platform

  • 2


    • History of C

    • Policy history

    • Anthropogenic sources of CO₂

    • Industrial CO2 emissions

    • Industry and materials value chains

    • Techno-economics introduction

  • 3

    CCU as part of industrial climate transition

    • Solutions for industrial climate neutrality

    • Solutions CCU(S) within framework of industrial transition

    • Large scale applications// TRL state of technology

    • Smart carbon management

    • Economical and other constraints / case study Flanders

  • 4

    Policy Responses - designing an industrial strategy fit for climate neutrality by 2050

    • Next 10 years

    • Next 20 years

    • Next 30 years


Doctoral Researcher

Tomas Wyns

Tomas Wyns is a Doctoral Researcher in the Environment and Sustainable Development cluster at the Brussels School of Governance of the Free University of Brussels.

Stijn Van der Perre

Free University of Brussels