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    Chiral amines

    • Before getting started

    • Chirality Video

    • Chirality

    • Importance of chirality

    • Chiral amines and their synthesis

    • Enzymatic or biocatalytic synthesis of chiral amines

    • Enzyme membrane reactor for the ISPR of chiral amines

    • Enzyme membrane contactor for chiral amine ISPR

    • Exercise: Biocatalytic versus chemical synthesis - Drag the items to the corresponding column

    • Test your knowledge

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Project manager

Yamini Satyawali

Yamini Satyawali is a Project manager/scientist in SCT team at VITO (Flemish institute for technological research, Belgium) and her specialization includes intensification of enzymatic processes in food, feed, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. She is responsible for acquiring and executing the projects in this domain. She is the scientific coordinator of Horizon 2020 project INCITE. She also mentored a PhD thesis on an innovative process on chiral amine production resulting in two patents. She is an author (co-author) of more than 25 scientific articles and 3 patents