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    • Welcome video - script

    • Welcome video

    • Meet the teacher

    • Learning objectives

    • What do you want to learn?

    • Present yourself to your classmates

    • Become familiar with the learning platform

    • Good practices to use this course

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    Health promoting compounds

    • Different types of health promoting compounds

    • Oligosaccharides

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    Production of oligosaccharides

    • Synthesis of oligosaccharides

    • Hydrolysis

    • Examples of enzymatic production of oligosaccharides in different reactor set-ups

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    • Further reading

    • Concluding video

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Project Manager

Winnie Dejonghe

Winnie Dejonghe is project manager in the Separation and Conversion Technology (SCT) team focusing on bioprocess development using renewable feedstock and integration of bioprocesses with membranes. She (co)-authored >50 SCI papers, and supervised multiple master and PhD students. She collaborated in/coordinated (European) projects on the use of (immobilized) enzymes for process intensification in enzyme (membrane) reactors and contactors. Furthermore, she is developing enzymatic processes to convert polysaccharides from wheat bran into alkyl glycosides and sugar ester, and lipase-based processes for synthesis of fatty acid esters and sugar esters.